Losers, Weepers

by Jessica Thomas

“A million dollars…or else!”

Shortly after beautiful, slightly wild, 17-year old Zoe Catlett shocks her family with the news she is a lesbian, they receive a phone call demanding her ransom.Zoe’s stepmother is convinced the “kidnapping” is a ploy. Zoe’s father has plenty of money, but Zoe wants to go to acting school, not the Ivy League institution he has picked out. Even so, it might not have been wise to tell the threatening caller, We don’t have a million dollars handy, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to keep her.

It’s the more sensible grandmother of the missing girl who contacts Private Detective Alex Peres for help. Alex no sooner takes up the case when a dear friend’s death leaves her with another mystery on her hands. Names and family secrets between the two cases overlap, as do plenty of people with motive for mayhem—and maybe even murder. No longer convinced her friend’s death was suicide, Alex finds herself neck-deep in a complex and emotionally draining web of danger and deceit. Can she solve one case without doing irreparable harm to those involved in the other—and herself?

Losers, Weepers is the fifth installment of Golden Crown Literary Award winner Jessica Thomas’s Alex Peres mystery series.



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Genre Mystery
Length 254
Publication Date June 15, 2008
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931277
Editor Cindy Cresap
Cover Designer LA Callaghan


  • This is the fifth book in the Alex Peres mystery series, but these books can be read out of order with only minor spoilers.
  • Four out of six Alex Peres mysteries have been finalists for or won nationally recognized awards.
  • No contest - Fargo is our favorite mystery dog.
  • A true cozy - long on characters and puzzles, low on gore.
  • Jessica Thomas has a unique style of wit and wordsmithing that makes her books a joy to read. She published her first book in her 70s!

Lambda Literary Awards
Losers, Weepers - Finalist, Best Lesbian Mystery.


Just About Write
Anna Furtado - February, 2009: Losers, Weepers is the fifth Alex Peres mystery, and each one has gotten better in the writing, the story, and in entertainment value. Thomas delivers her main character in consistent every-woman form as she goes about her investigations with thorough, methodical deliberation. If you're an Alex Peres fan, this one will not disappoint. If you are new to Jessica Thomas's mysteries, you'll be delighted with the easy-going style of writing as well as the challenging mystery.

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