The Kiss That Counted

by Karin Kallmaker

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CJ Roshe knows she can never relax her vigilance, especially when her grip on her secrets begins to slip. Contact with the good-hearted Karita Hanssen leaves CJ wishing for impossible things—friends, roots, a lover who knows her real name.

With a life cheerfully balanced between all the things that she loves, Karita gives freely of her time and affection. She isn’t looking for more until something in CJ’s eyes suggests that there could be feelings deeper, stronger—and more dangerous—than any she has ever felt.

CJ is committed to only tonight with her body and certainly no tomorrows when it comes to her heart. Karita has always lived for today while she waits for tomorrow to happen. One kiss couldn’t change all that—unless it’s the kiss that counted.

Golden Crown and Lambda Literary award-winning author Karin Kallmaker’s tale of two women, two outlooks and two futures trying to become one adds to her long list of best-selling and critically acclaimed lesbian romance novels.





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Genre Romance
Length 256
Publication Date May 15, 2008
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931314e
Editor Katherine V Forrest
Cover Designer LA Callaghan


  • This story was inspired by the thought, "What if a thief met an elf?"
  • Moving and compelling - CJ's secrets and Karita's shining heart will keep you up till you turn the last page.
  • Don't miss the follow-up story in Frosting on the Cake 2: Second Helpings.
  • Winner of one of Karin Kallmaker's three (and counting) Lambda Literary Awards.

Lambda Literary Awards
The Kiss That Counted - Winner, Best Lesbian Romance

GCLS Goldie Awards
The Kiss That Counted - Winner, Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award


Lambda Book Report
Cecilia Martin, Summer, 2008: For years CJ Roshe has lived with the fear that "The Gathering" would find her and make her pay for turning against them. Constantly looking over her shoulder she has meticulously created a new life with no room for close friends or lovers who might ask too many questions. But her carefully constructed life begins to unravel when she falls in love with the beautiful Karita... Full of suspense and mystery, award-winning Karin Kallmaker pens another page-turner that draws the reader in with her deeply moving characters and storytelling.

Just About Write
Anna Furtado - March, 2009: The Kiss That Counted is Kallmaker at her finest—a not to be missed romance. She offers us characters with depth and dimension, along with a rich plot, peppered with an air of mystery to keep the reader turning pages long into the night. Read it to see if CJ will be able to take control of her past and if Karita will ever be able to let down her defenses to allow someone in again. Finally, read it to see if the kiss really counted.

R. Lynne - October 2008: Kallmaker has used the darkness of Roshe and the glow of Hanssen to tell a story filled with mystery, excitement and danger. The Kiss That Counted is a gripping story that will delight Kallmaker fans, and win her many more.

Lynne Pierce - October 2008: There is a romance here, but there is also a bit of a mystery as the reader begins to wonder what CJ's secret is and how she will resolve the problem once it is revealed. In the end, The Kiss That Counted is also a testimony to friendship and the changes it can cause in a person's life. Kallmaker shows with the skill in this book why she deserves such a large fan following.

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