Night Vision

by Karin Kallmaker

Julia Madison is having nightmares. Every night. All night. Painful and perplexing, the nightmares of a woman in captivity calling for help escalate until she is having them during the day, wide awake. Doctors prescribe pills. Therapists theorize about past lives and post-traumatic stress. Fortune tellers predict she will meet a tall, mysterious stranger. Julia would prefer to blame her ex, her job, even the Santa Ana winds.

In spite of her long history as a loner, she turns to a support group for women with sleep disorders. To her amazement she learns that the other lesbians in the group—and only the lesbians—are having similar nightmares. No longer believing these vivid night visions are in their heads, the women join forces to find the source of their disturbance.

Since Julia knows that her dreams focus on the woman she’s named Sirena, finding Sirena is her number one priority. Convincing the other lesbians to help her comb the Mojave Desert is only the beginning of the adventure.

Karin Kallmaker’s story pits the power of sisterhood—and love—against the savagery of fear and hate.

This title was originally published by Naiad Press in 1997, under the pseudonym of Laura Adams. It has been out of print for some time and we’re thrilled to bring it back and certain that a whole new generation of readers will find Night Vision irresistible.





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Genre Science-Fiction, Romance
Length 186 pages
Publication Date September 15, 2008
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931369e
Editor Lisa Empson
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


  • Fans of this book will want to read the follow-up The Dawning.


The Lesbian Review
I adore books that buck the norm and with Night Vision Kallmaker has done exactly this. There is something really special when an author unleashes the writer within and just tells us the story that is buried deep inside. I feel like I am uncovering a treasure when I read such books, like every page I turn is another layer gone until you are left staring at the hidden gold.

Bay Area Reporter
If anyone had suggested to me that I would have been moved and enthralled by a fictional alien encounter, I would never have believed it, but there you have it. Go figure... I especially enjoyed the ways these dykes pitched in to help one another. It reminded me of the early days of the lesbian nation, when we still believed in pulling together. Adams made me a believer in this close encounter. Night Vision is funny, suspenseful, and romantic—a real pleasure to read and recommend.

Mystery Buff Magazine
There's no murder to solve, but that doesn't mean it's not mysterious... The premise for the story is interesting and imaginative. The friendship and humor that develops as the group of women search for solutions is refreshing!

Bibliophile's Bounty, Deborah Pfeiffer

Night Vision—Top Five of the year!

Lesbian Review of Books, Vol IV, No. 4
[Kallmaker] makes good use of the California Central Valley setting, invoking the maddening winds known as the Santa Anas to set mood and influence character development. The construction of the conclusion exhibits another deft touch of the writer's art in a chilling brush with reality that lends veracity. But where the author really shines is what she does for love. The sex scenes are out of this world. Sex scenes to die for... Altogether, this is a fine tale well told [by] an able practitioner of the writer's craft.

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