Small Packages: Book 3 in the Shaken Series

by KG MacGregor

In Without Warning, they fell in love. In Aftershock, that love was tested and reaffirmed. Now Anna and Lily Kaklis face questions about family and future when a homeless woman is killed in San Francisco, leaving a four-year-old who happens to be Lily’s nephew in foster care.

Lily will not allow her birth mother to ruin another childhood, so she puts her skills as a family law attorney to work. She can’t speak up for what she really wants—to adopt him for herself—not when Anna is clearly terrified at the prospect of raising a child.

Anna is happy to let Lily do the temporary parenting necessary until a suitable adoption placement can be found. It won’t last long, and then their lives will go back to normal. At least that was the plan, then Lily is called away. Anna finds herself alone with her worst nightmare: a toddler.

In this third book of The Shaken Series, 2007 Lambda Literary winner KG MacGregor continues the compelling tale of two women who discover that real love has no limitations.



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Genre Romance
Length 208 pages
Publication Date May 12, 2009
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931499
Editor Cindy Cresap
Cover Designer Stephanie Solomon-Lopez


  • What could be more terrifying than suddenly being left alone with a toddler?
  • Each book in The Shaken Series has won or been a finalist for a GCLS Goldie Award.
  • Romance, commitment, separation, family pressures and every day life have challenged Anna and Lily Kaklas in this fan-favorite series.


GCLS Goldie Awards
Small Packages: Book Three of the Shaken Series: Finalist, Lesbian Dramatic Fiction.

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