by Josie Gordon

Cousin Donna Hancock’s Loaves and Fishes Culinary Ministries evangelical cooking school road show—think about it. Lonnie Squires has to.

Trying to redeem her good name in the little town of Middelburg, Lonnie volunteers as additional security for Cousin Donna’s traveling program. Her ultimate goal is supporting her own sanity with her beloved hobby of soccer. She can’t play by herself, and no one will play with her if people are trash talking her behind her back. A good deed just might restore social harmony.

It’s a good plan, that is, until someone partakes of Cousin Donna’s Tasty Toast Points with Sunny Spirit Salmon Spread and ends up decidedly deceased. People in high places decide it’s Lonnie’s job to prove that the toast wasn’t tainted.

Cousin Donna and her entourage are hiding a lot of secrets, but is one of them the secret recipe for murder? Is Lonnie right to be suspicious of every morsel she eats, wondering if it will be her personal last supper?

Sleuth Lonnie Squires once again discovers that doing the right thing can go very wrong. This second title in Josie Gordon’s Lambda Literary Award-winning mystery series combines culinary mayhem with big politics in a small town.





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Genre Mystery
Length 276 pages
Publication Date September 15, 2009
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931574e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer KIARO Creative LTD


  • A lesbian Episcopal priest, and as humanly flawed as any of us.
  • If Lonnie Squires had a choice, she'd prefer to be on the soccer field than in church.
  • True cozy - long on personality and wit, short on gore and sexual situations.
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Lambda Literary Foundation

Toasted (Book 2): Finalist, Best Lesbian Mystery

Whacked (Book 1): Winner, Best Lesbian Mystery


Just About Write

October, 2010: Reverend Lonnie Squires [is] easy to relate to, and we want to root for her as she struggles with her own faith and with leading her flock. Sometimes she swears -- and she lives for the next game of soccer -- but her compassion is strong and true. Lonnie Squires is "real." ... Toasted was a Lambda Literary Award finalist for 2010. That this is a series with a likeable, entertaining sleuth is refreshing.

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