Miles to Go

by Amy Dawson Robertson

All Rennie Vogel wants is to serve her country. Rennie has devoted her life and body to training as an FBI counterterrorism operative. The brutal pace has slowly stripped away her private life until only the most fleeting contacts with other women are possible. When her ambition of being the first woman ever considered to join CT3 is finally realized, she pushes herself to the limit to earn the position. When one disaster after another befalls her, Rennie finds herself abandoned. Only then does she begin to unravel the misdirection and deceit that surrounds their first assignment, and to wonder if her failure, not her success, was part of the plan.

Ultimately, with miles of an inhospitable landscape and an ambiguous enemy between her and safety, Rennie must decide if she can trust the one thing she never has before: another woman.

Newcomer Amy Dawson Robertson delivers a gripping story with a heroine you will be determined to cover the distance with…every step of the many miles to go.





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Genre Lesbian Intrigue
Length 228 pages
Publication Date February 15, 2010
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931741e
Editor Katherine V Forrest
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


  • A stunning debut presenting a strong, moral modern day warrior whose extraordinary strength may not be enough for the politics and intrigue.
  • Sequel Scapegoat in 2011.
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  • GCLS Goldie Awards

    Miles to Go: A Rennie Vogel Intrigue - Finalist, Lesbian Mystery; Finalist, Lesbian Debut Fiction; Finalist, Ann Bannon Popular Choice

    Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice

    Miles to Go - Top 5 Reader Favorite, Lesbian Adventure Stories

    2011 Lavender Certificate

    Miles to Go: 2011 recognition to promising new writer from the Alice B Committee of Arizona.


The Rainbow Reader

June, 2011: I found Miles to Go intelligent, well researched and constructed, gritty, and infused with sharp jabs of haunting reality. It was complex and exquisitely detailed but tightly written, and brilliantly designed to set up the sequel... Miles to Go isn't quite like any book I've read, and I'm giving extra points for originality, complexity, and because it delivers a good, swift kick of reality to the solar plexus of blind nationalism.

Three Dollar Bill Reviews

March, 2010: Rennie is a fascinating character and it's clear the author has barely cracked the surface of possibilities. I anxiously await another book about this character and definitely recommend Miles to Go for anyone who enjoys reading about strong female characters.

Just About Write

May, 2010: Miles to Go is the type of book that has readers staying up late to see how it all ends. It's definitely a must read.

October, 2010: Good first novels usually feature a well-told story with a few weaknesses, but they also show the author's potential for the future. Seldom are they strong in every category. Amy Dawson Robertson apparently didn't read the rule book about first novels because she has produced a powerhouse with Miles To Go, the first volume in the Rennie Vogel Intrigue series... Miles To Go is a must read for anyone who likes a story full of adventure, thrills, and intrigue that comes straight from current events.

Sleuth Central

It's part thriller and part mystery and should satisfy anyone who loved Patricia Highsmith's pulp-fiction...

Lesbian Fiction Reviews

A well told, well written story that I truly enjoyed. I liked the gritty, bloody details of Rennie fighting against the enemy, her own agency, and herself to survive. The subplots were good and interesting and I cared as much about them as I did about Rennie. Even characters that only made brief appearances were well written and had some depth.

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