Murder Takes to the Hills

by Jessica Thomas

Displaced from their home during remodeling and repair, Alex Peres and her love Cindy are starting to get on each other’s nerves. At least, Alex is certain, pets Wells and Fargo still love them, and clients are still calling for help with their various bits of local trouble.

Trouble finds them, however, when Cindy’s rising feeling that she’s attracted a stalker is followed by mysterious notes and noises in the night, unsettling Alex so much she even gets her gun out of the safe. Strangers asking her friend Cassie for help with undisclosed cargo, in the dead of night, doesn’t help settle anyone’s nerves.

Normally sleepy Provincetown is fraught with perils for Alex and family—and it’s not even tourist season yet.

If you haven’t walked Commercial Street with Alex Peres, it’s time to find out why these cozy mysteries are awards shortlist favorites. This sixth installment in Jessica Thomas’s Provincetown-based series features her signature wry wit and quirky characters.

Alex Peres Mystery Series Book 6.





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Genre Mystery
Length 264
Publication Date March 15, 2010
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931789e
Editor Katherine V Forrest
Cover Designer Stephanie Solomon-Lopez


  • This is the sixth book in the Alex Peres mystery series, but these books can be read out of order with only minor spoilers.
  • Five out of six Alex Peres mysteries have been finalist for or won nationally recognized awards.
  • No contest - Fargo is our favorite mystery dog.
  • A true cozy - long on characters and puzzles, low on gore.
  • Jessica Thomas has a unique style of wit and wordsmithing that makes her books a joy to read. She published her first book in her 70s!
  • Read the appetizer! Click to open a PDF in a new window.

GCLS Goldie Awards
Murder Takes to the Hills - Finalist, Lesbian Mystery


Just About Write
June, 2011, Anna Furtado - Told in the witty, unique voice of the Provincetown PI, this new installment of the series fulfills the Thomas promise of a good read. Over the series, Thomas' writing and plots have gotten more complex and sophisticated... An entertaining read with some laugh-out-loud moments that only Alex can give us, it's a Thomas mystery that makes a good read.

June, 2011, Lynne Pierce - Thomas has developed a formula for her series that makes the books entertaining and populated with eccentric and sometimes funny characters. For people who try to avoid trouble, Alex and Cindy just can't seem to make that work. People who have read the other books will find old friends and a new group who have a Southern flavor to them. Not only does Thomas throw in distracters to keep the secrets from revealing too soon, but she runs three situations at once.

June, 2010, RLynne - Unfortunately, trouble and humor always follow Alex. Soon, this rural countryside is experiencing scary and cruel acts. What follows is a wild ride of a story...

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