Above Temptation

by Karin Kallmaker

For Kip Barrett, a secret commission from her boss’s boss’s boss, CEO Tamara Sterling, shows that the respect she’s earned for her integrity and intelligence as a fraud investigator is justified. All she has to do is what she’s done successfully before: Follow the cyber-trail, find the high-tech thief, and document it so that justice prevails.

This time, however, the embezzler is one of their own. Sterling Fraud Investigations has an unblemished reputation for ethical conduct and security. Kip must find out who and how, as soon as possible, and no one but Tamara can know what she’s doing.

As Kip gets closer to discovering the embezzler, her clandestine meetings with Tamara grow more frequent. It doesn’t help that her admiration for Sterling’s work is compounded by an undeniable physical chemistry. But SFI has an iron-clad no fraternization rule, and Sterling investigators never break the rules. She needs to wrap up her findings before anyone—including her emerging prime suspect Tamara Sterling—realizes Kip is not above temptation.

Follow the passion—and the money—from Seattle to Nassau in the latest page-turning story from Lambda Literary award-winning author Karin Kallmaker.





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Genre Romance
Length 256 pages
Publication Date July 20, 2010
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931796e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest


  • A little mystery, a lot of romance!
  • Edge-of-the-seat suspense—how long can Tam and Kip hold tight to their ethics when they're longing to hold tight to each other?

Lambda Literary Awards
Above Temptation — Finalist, Lesbian Romance.

GCLS Goldie Awards
Above TemptationWinner, Lesbian Romantic Suspense

Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice
Above Temptation — Top 5 Reader Favorite, Lesbian Adventure Stories


Reviewed by Victoria Brownworth — December 2010: Above Temptation is [Karin Kallmaker's] latest—she’s written close to 30 books—and it is a compelling, well-crafted page-turner with a decided twist from her usual fare... Kallmaker is known for her good, solid lesbian romances and her myriad fans will not be disappointed by the sizzling heat at the heart of Above Temptation.

Just About Write
Anna Furtado — October 2010: Above Temptation is not only about the romantic attraction of two women who struggle to maintain a belief their jobs are the only fulfillment they will ever find, it's also a story filled with mystery, intrigue, and a red-herring or two. Above Temptation will appeal to romance and mystery buffs alike.

Lynne Pierce — February 2011: Karin Kallmaker is referred to sometimes as the "queen" of lesbian romance. Above Temptation is an example of why she has earned the title, but it also is proof that she can handle other aspects of a story.

Robert Jaquay — July 2010: When you pick up a book by Karin Kallmaker, you can count on several things. It will have great characters, a terrific plot, and usually just enough romance in it to keep you wanting more... What Kallmaker does so nicely here, is integrate the sexual tension between the two women seamlessly into the ongoing story line. As the tension mounts, so does our desire for something good to happen to these two women. We feel their struggle, and want a happy ending. Will we get our wish? Ah, dear reader, that's not for me to reveal.

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