I Left My Heart

by Jaye Maiman

Travel writer and romance novelist Robin Miller is shocked by the death of the ex-lover she never stopped loving. Was it an accidental death, suicide or murder? Robin finds herself compelled to find out, no matter what the cost. Stumbling into an investigation she is ill-equipped to undertake, Robin uncovers a complex web of personal secrets, with the stakes higher than she ever imagined.

As she follows a trail of painful memories into the gay community of San Francisco and down the coast to Mary’s house on the cliffs of beautiful Big Sur, Robin finds distraction from her grief in the alluring and enigmatic Cathy. But Cathy has a secret of her own… And as Robin draws ever closer to determining the real truth of Mary’s final days, her own life becomes increasingly at risk…

A sharp-witted, intelligent mystery, I Left My Heart introduces readers to the unforgettable Robin Miller in this first book of the Lambda Award-Winning series by Jaye Maiman, originally published in 1991 by Naiad Press.

Robin Miller Mystery Book 1.





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Genre Mystery
Length 240
Publication Date January 1, 1991
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931888e
Editor Christine Cassidy
Cover Designer Judith Fellows

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