Return to Isis

by Jean Stewart

On a spy mission for Freeland, Whit is almost safely home when the brutal forces of Elysium find her. When a battered and destitute farmer comes to her aid, Whit can’t leave the woman to a certain death, setting in motion a homecoming that is anything but safe. Whit’s feelings for Amelia complicate their return, especially when the other women of Freeland are wary of Amelia—who may not be the simple farmer she seems.

There are answers in Amelia’s haunting dreams, but those are as deep as the secrets that surround Isis, a colony mysteriously destroyed by Elysium forces. The ruins of Isis hide an adversary Whit has never faced before, one whose plans for Freeland have been dormant for ten long years and whose hatred of the women of Isis lingers from a distant past.

The year is 2093. Isis is only a memory, but the future survival of Freeland depends on remembering…

Return to Isis is the first book in Jean Stewarts’ beloved science-fiction series, and was shortlisted for a Lambda Literary Award.

Originally published by Rising Tide Press 1992.



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Genre Fantasy
Length 166
Publication Date January 1, 1992
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931932
Editor Lee Boojamra & Alice Frier
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


  • The Isis series is a three-time Lammy finalist and winner of a Goldie.
  • Return to Isis is Book 1 in the Isis series.


GCLS Goldie Awards: Wizard of Isis, Winner, Best Lesbian Science-Fiction

Lambda Literary Awards: Return to Isis, Finalist, Best LGBT Science-Fiction; Warriors of Isis - Finalist, Best LGBT Science-Fiction; Wizard of Isis, Finalist, Best LGBT Science-Fiction.

The Lesbian Review

Return to Isis Two words: Rapidly paced. I am not one who is very keen on reading a plethora of adjectives, I like action, and this novel delivered. Not a dull moment, the first chapter had me giddy and excited for more. I highly recommend reading through this book twice because of all the mysteries and secrets that unfold, you miss a lot. When I went back to re-read the book I couldn't help but smile to myself at all the clues the author had left behind.

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    Really enjoyed this eBook, well done.

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