Rhythm Tide

by Frankie J. Jones

Despondent after years of abuse, Clara Webster decides to end it all and swims out into the deep waters of the Texas Gulf. Totally exhausted, she surrenders to the relentless pull of the tide—only to feel strong arms wrap around her. Struggling to free herself from her would-be rescuer, Clara nearly drowns the woman and ends up saving her instead. The woman, reclusive artist Randi Kosub, invites the distraught Clara to stay with her for a while. With nowhere else to go, Clara accepts.

As Clara strives to get her life together, the women grow closer and begin to fall in love. With Randi at her side, Clara realizes that life is indeed worth living. And in Randi’s arms she learns for the first time what it feels like to desire passionately and be passionately desired.

When Clara’s youngest son is seriously injured in an accident, she rushes home—unwittingly putting herself in the power of her vengeful husband, who has no intention of letting her go. Caught in the swirling crosscurrents of past and present, Clara is forced to make a devastating choice…

First published by Naiad Press 1997



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Genre Romance
Length 134
Publication Date January 1, 1997
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932014
Editor Lila Empson
Cover Designer Judith Fellows

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