Silver Lining

by Diana Simmonds

It’s so far beyond “just one of those days” that Amanda McIntyre can’t think of a single thing that’s going right. The banking industry is toast, her career in tatters, her girlfriend is up to her ears in someone else and New York City has frazzled Amanda’s last nerve.

It’s not hard for her best buddy Malcolm to persuade her to take time out on a trip to his Australian home. Malcolm’s sister Clancy is waiting at the airport and Amanda can’t see the silver lining around this particular dark cloud.

Clancy seems to blame the pampered banker princess from the States for the near-collapse of the family business. She’ll tolerate the visitor, but only just. Amanda wants to run for home, yet one week becomes two…becomes four…

Diana Simmonds is the author of Forty Love and Heart on Fire, and returns to lesbian romance with this irreverent tale of looking for—and finding—the dark cloud’s silver lining.





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Genre Romance
Length 288 pages
Publication Date August 15, 2013
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932069e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan



Curve Magazine
Wicked, tongue-in-cheek humor... This book is more than an uncomplicated romance where black and white are easily discerned. The description of the nastiness of Wall Street and its denizens is spot-on and borders on noir, but good friends and good folks like Malcolm are the silver lining.

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