Something to Believe

by Robbi McCoy

When Lauren Keegan met Cassie Burkett on a Yangtze River cruise, they immediately clicked. Cruise over, they kept in touch, and rapidly became close friends. The following year they’re reunited for a visit which ends with a spontaneous kiss that surprises them both. That one kiss destroys their friendship, sending them back to their lives—and their partners—heartsick and remorseful.

Ten years later everything—and nothing—has changed. While the path is now clear for them to reignite the old flame, the time still seems all wrong. Cassie is unable to break through the emotional walls separating her from both her estranged son and her rediscovered love, while Lauren is overcome with revelations about her late partner that shatter her belief in destiny and romance.

Challenged by the past and besieged in the present, the only thing going for them is the one thing they’ve denied all these years: love.

With an unforgettable journey through China as backdrop for a story of fated love, Robbi McCoy, author of Waltzing at Midnight and Not Every River returns with a decade-spanning romance that explores first impressions, second chances and perhaps third time’s the charm.





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Genre Romance
Length 294 pages
Publication Date December 15, 2010
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932144e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan



GCLS Goldie Awards
Something to Believe - WINNER, Lesbian General/Dramatic Fiction

Just About Write
June 2011: Robbi McCoy is establishing herself as one of the finest of the lesbian romance authors by building a body of work that stands above the crowd. Something to Believe is an excellent addition to the list.

May 2011: Something to Believe is a story about the certainty that when love is meant to be, it cannot be denied and about the hope every person harbors deep down inside that there is a soul mate out there for each of us... The initial scenes of the attractions on the Yangtze River journey are beautifully drawn and make us appreciate the beauty of the river and the countryside... Then, there is the love story that Cassie and Lauren are convinced is not meant to be. But soul mates with a destiny cannot be denied. A truly enjoyable read.

February 2011: Robbi McCoy excels at developing her characters, and Something to Believe proves this strength... An engrossing book about three very likable women as they explore life, death, sex, and love.

The Lesbian News
Teresa DeCrescenzo - February 2011: McCoy always does a good job of researching the settings for her novels, and this one is no exception... Makes one want to book a flight somewhere exotic.

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