Shadow Point

by Amy Briant

It wasn’t easy getting to Shadow Point. Turns out it’s even harder to leave.

Madison McPeake, not in the best mood most of the time, has just been not-quite fired, told her brother is dead, discovered she’s responsible for a five-year old niece she’s never met and realized she has to go all the way to San Diego to see to her brother’s affairs.

Isolated from the world by geography and a navy base bristling with security, Shadow Point is scarcely habitable—at least Madison thinks so. Coping with the living conditions while getting to know her niece is a daily challenge. Things get easier when the next-door neighbor, Dr. Alice Piper, seems as eager to share smoldering glances as Madison is. But something’s not right and Madison’s questions about her brother’s death go unanswered.

Madison’s not sure if unnerving events are actually subtle warnings to stop her inquiries. The sexy, alluring Pipe doesn’t seem to think anything’s amiss, which only compounds Madison’s fears. And every time she makes up her mind to pack up her niece and go, it’s as if someone—or something—has decided she should stay.

Debut writer Amy Briant has crafted a heroine with more vices than graces in Madison McPeake, who narrates the mystery and passion—and hair-raising surprises—of Shadow Point.





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Genre Romantic Suspense
Length 264 pages
Publication Date December 15, 2010
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932168e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Judy Fellows



GCLS Goldie Awards
Shadow Point - Winner, Lesbian Debut Author; Finalist, Lesbian Paranormal Romance

Just About Write
February, 2011: Madison McPeake makes a wonderfully feisty heroine. She'll win the heart of every carefree single lesbian as she worries about quitting smoking and drinking prior to meeting Katie, her niece... What follows is a wild and exciting ride as Madison, Pipe, Katie, and a wonderful English bulldog named Henry the Eighth, battle the forces of evil...

The Rainbow Reader
July, 2011: Madison McPeake is truly brilliant. Her thoughts, actions, rationalizations, and internal dialogue were pure comedic poetry, even in the darkest part of the story. I loved the sad box of animal crackers, and her irrational protection of her Niners cap from the five-year old. Likewise, Katie is wise beyond her years, but still threw tantrums when it came time for a bath. Pipe, simply put, is every girl's hot dream scientist... Overall, this is a great book that scores high points in humor, mystery, and creepiness.

2011 Lavender Certificate
Shadow Point: 2011 recognition to promising new writer from the Alice B Committee of Arizona.

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