by Josie Gordon

Lonnie Squires has few fond memories of her Aunt Kate, and nearly ten years after her death the battleaxe is still yanking Lonnie’s chain. This time, it’s with the dangling promise of a sizeable inheritance after all these years—but there’s a catch.

It sounds so easy: Pick up a valuable, near mint-condition classic Ford Fairlane racecar and drive around Lake Michigan taking photos of herself—and the Fairlane—at appointed landmarks. A weekend of traveling for almost a half million dollars and a pretty cool car?

The offer is tempting, but Lonnie can’t abandon her parish on a moment’s notice. Not when her nemesis has staged an all-out religious war designed to harass Lonnie out of her position as the lone Episcopal priest in Middelburg. Finding another dead body doesn’t help matters in the least. In fact, it definitely seems like the end of the road for the inheritance… and only the beginning of an even wilder ride.

Ditched joins Toasted and Whacked in this Lambda Literary Award-winning mystery series from Josie Gordon.





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Genre Mystery
Length 292 pages
Publication Date April 15, 2011
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932267e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Kiaro Creative Ltd.


  • A lesbian Episcopal priest, and as humanly flawed as any of us.
  • If Lonnie Squires had a choice, she'd prefer to be on the soccer field than in church.
  • True cozy - long on personality and wit, short on gore and sexual situations.
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Just About Write
October, 2011: Normally I avoid books that have any sort of religion in them, but Gordon's Lonnie Squires Mysteries are so well written and inhabited by such a kooky and crazy cast of characters, they're hard to resist. I couldn't help but be drawn into Lonnie's determination to stand up to Star and her unjust laws, so much so, that I could feel myself getting angry and wanting to make my own protest... Ditched is a wonderful third book in the Lonnie Squires Mysteries and I'm definitely looking forward to the next one in the series. - Jodie Atchison

October, 2011: ...Once, again, the amateur sleuth gets into more trouble than she's bargained for and almost loses it entirely -- all over her dog, Linus, and Star's newly resurrected "laws," which Lonnie sees as no more than a political stunt to help Star's upcoming election... The loveable character Reverend Lonnie Squires struggles with her faith, with her sometimes bigoted, mostly conservative neighbors and parishioners, and with her own longings to find someone to care deeply for, in spite of her position deeply in the closet. Perhaps the Reverend Squires is endearing precisely because of her struggles and her flaws. She is very human after all. - Anna Furtado

Lambda Literary Awards

Whacked (Book 1): Winner, Best Lesbian Mystery

Toasted (Book 2): Finalist, Best Lesbian Mystery

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