InSight of the Seer

by Linda Andersson & Sara Marx

Guin Marcus is hiding from herself—and everyone else. Life as an LAPD cop has already marked her deeply, and keeping her clairvoyant abilities secret even from her duty partner Sgt. Cheryl Jones only adds to the stress in her life.

Crises are a part of a cop’s life, but Guin isn’t prepared for the day that changes everything. Her feelings for Cheryl, an overwhelming demonstration of her psychic gifts and a senseless tragedy combine to irrevocably transform her. She accepts the truth about who she is, yet there is no peace in it. She still can’t tell anyone else, not without risking her job and the few friends she has.

Terrified and isolated, Guin can’t answer Lieutenant Jace Sloan’s probing questions. It’s equally difficult to deal with fellow officer April Reese, not when sexy, sensual visions of passion are constantly running through her mind. How can she trust either of them when she can’t trust herself?

InSight of the Seer is a gripping and passionate story told by the team of Linda Andersson and Sara Marx, based on the hit lesbian paranormal crime series InSight and The Seer created by Linda Andersson.





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Genre Romance, Speculative
Length 216 pages
Publication Date April 15, 2011
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932274e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


  • Based on producer/writer Linda Andersson's hit web series!
  • Sara Marx, author of Before I Died and Decoded.
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Windy City Media
October, 2011: Andersson and her friend Sara Marx co-wrote this first in a series of books based on Andersson's Internet-based series, The Seer and InSight. Deborah Stewart (Rizzoli & Isles, The 6 Month Rule) was in the series. The book follows the life of psychic Los Angeles Police Department officer Guin Marcus and her dysfunctional work and love life. If you could read a woman's mind, would you use that to get her into bed? Those and other ethical questions are handled very well in this novel. A fun read.

Just About Write
October 2011: Anderson and Marx have given their readers a rich new book in this series. Guin, April, and their Lieutenant, Jace Sloan, are sympathetic and complex characters. Edited by Katherine V. Forrest, InSight of the Seer takes us into the day-to-day life of an LAPD officer, as well as exploring the loneliness of having a gift which can't be shared. - R Lynne

N.E. Francis - April, 2011: When you combine the writing talents of film maker and screenwriter Linda Andersson with radio/television personality and author Sara Marx, you're bound to have a book that's funny, sexy and exceptionally well written. Such is the case with InSight of the Seer, a gripping and passionate novel based on Andersson's hit lesbian paranormal crime series, InSight and The Seer.

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