The Wedding Party

by Tracey Richardson

Dani and Shannon are blushing brides-to-be. Shannon’s niece Amanda, along with bridal friends Claire and Jordan, will soon be witnesses to the forthcoming nuptials. Together, they’re a party of five intent on having an unforgettable week in Las Vegas.

Though far from home, none of them can outrun the pasts that have shaped their lives. Dani and Shannon each harbor a secret that could bankrupt their wedding dreams. Jordan, the self-avowed eternal bachelor, finds herself in an unexpected high stakes game of love. Claire, a doctor still grieving the loss of her long-time partner, hits a jackpot she isn’t sure she wants. And Amanda, carrying a secret of her own, decides to gamble it all on love.

It’s a dizzying, exhilarating week of discovery, passion and surprises, and no one knows where the spinning wheel of love will stop.

The stakes are high, the risks life changing and the pay offs beyond measure in this latest romantic tour de force from Tracey Richardson, author of The Candidate and No Rules of Engagement.



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Genre Romance
Length 280 pages
Publication Date September 15, 2011
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932342
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan



Rainbow Reader
Over the last few years, I've read a handful of Tracey Richardson's books, and it's crystal clear that she has a homing device for the familiar. And, by 'familiar', I mean she writes beautiful, well-formed characters and strong, clever plots that are sprinkled with liberal does of angst and redemption. We read them because they take us to a place we want to be... And like those other books, there are so many delightful elements to The Wedding Party.

Terry's LesFic Review
This is a truly fabulous book. Each of these characters has a story to tell. I couldn't put this book down. The book is a mixture of happy and sad, but the happiness shines through. The anguish felt by each character was superbly written. The cast of supporting characters throughout each helped in enhancing the story. It would be great to have a sequel or at the very least, meet some of the characters again in another book.

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