by Alex Marcoux

She’s a singing sensation. She has a secret.

When rumors about her private life send her CD sales plummeting, Anastasia is trapped with few options. Desperate, manager Sidney Marcum helps her star client concoct a façades to distract fans and media—and it seems to work…for a while.

Sidney has skeletons of her own, life-threatening ones. She won’t tell, even though the compelling connection she feels to Anastasia makes her long for a happiness she can’t have. Instead, she puts on a brave front and hides her feelings to preserve her secrets.

Outside forces create cracks in their façades until only Anastasia and Sidney can tell what’s real by what’s in their hearts. But some secrets come at immeasurable expense.

Originally published by Alice Street Editions 2000.



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Genre Fiction
Length 328
Publication Date January 1, 2000
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932397
Cover Designer Judy Fellows



Lesbian Review of Books
My wife got to this book before I did, and I had to wait for her to finish raving about it so I could form my own opinion. The book draws you into the characters lives; you care about what happens and become totally involved with the story. Facades addresses many issues faced by lesbians: how much personal life to reveal at work and to family and friends; custody issues for lesbians whose ex-husbands are homophobic and willing to use this in a custody battle; the reality of grieving for a loss when society does not recognize the significance of the relationship; and domestic violence in both heterosexual and lesbian homes.

Hawaii's GLCC Outlook
One finds joy, laughter, tears and truly sensitive love and respect in this excellent offering by Alex Marcoux.

Lambda Book Report
Jean Alston - April, 2005: The plot of Façades revolves around Sidney Marcum, a closeted music industry executive whose past is full of nasty secrets. When Sidney takes a chance on a new client; a lesbian pop star with the unfortunate name of Anastasia, both women find themselves the topic of tabloid gossip about their sexual identities. For Sidney, a single mom with a violent ex-husband, one repercussion of this media nightmare is a frightening custody battle.

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