Isis Rising

by Jean Stewart

In Return to Isis the women of Freeland remembered their ancient history, but the battle for their independence had only begun.

In this second book of the series, Whit and her beloved Kali, along with a burgeoning group of women committed to fight for their dreams, must rebuild Isis from the ashes. But politics have emerged as a force that Whit in particular finds hard to conquer, and a deadly saboteur is undermining their every effort.

Isis Rising is a rousing futuristic adventure and an enduring romantic love story rolled into one. Jean Stewart’s award-winning series continues to capture our imaginations and hearts!

Originally published by Rising Tide Press in 1993.





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Genre Fantasy
Length 216
Publication Date January 1, 1993
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932489e
Editor Lee Boojamra and Alice Frier
Cover Designer Judy Fellows


Kudos for the Isis Series

GCLS Goldie Awards: Warrior of Isis, Winner, Best Lesbian Science-Fiction

Lambda Literary Awards: Return to Isis, Finalist, Best LGBT Science-Fiction; Warriors of Isis - Finalist, Best LGBT Science-Fiction; Wizard of Isis, Finalist, Best LGBT Science-Fiction.

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