Before I Died

by Sara Marx

Laney Cavallo had a charmed life. Two wonderful kids and the love of the best woman she’d ever known—after years of unhappiness, she had it all.

Then the one evil in her life that she couldn’t shed finally did his worst: after years of blackmailing her into silence, her power-drunk ex-husband has made her silence permanent. Now she can’t warn her beloved Mara that he plans to come after her next, and that even the kids aren’t safe.

Unfinished business, undying love and the burden of her own complicity drive Laney to take action, hoping it’s not too late to save the people she loves. It would be easier if she weren’t already dead…

A haunting, passionate, breathtaking story unfolds in Sara Marx’s solo debut novel.



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Genre Thriller, Romance
Length 236 pages
Publication Date July 15, 2011
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932502
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


  • A Bella Attitude novel.
  • By the co-author of InSight of the Seer!
  • Think Ghost meets Heaven Can Wait with lesbians all in a really good book.
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Just About Write
Anna Furtado: ...In this story, Laney is her own "three spirits of Christmas" all rolled into one...
We spend a lot of time talking about what's important in life, but in this story, what's important in life becomes critical in death. Don't be put off by the main character being dead, by any means. She's brought her spunky, sometimes humorous, personality into the afterlife with her. As the story unfolds, her love for the partner she's left behind and their children is portrayed with a richness that makes us ache. Whether or not the scheming scum Laney was once married to and the hare-brained, conniving ditz that her ex has hooked up with can be brought to justice seems to be left to Laney -- perhaps to atone for her not acting while she was alive. Sara Marx has given us plenty to think about in this very different offering that packs a wallop.

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