Julia's Song

by Ann O'Leary

A voice like rich velvet, hair like amber silk and a body that ignites her legions of fans, Samantha Knight is the rare lesbian singer to make it to pop stardom. Her arrival and performances in Australia have been assigned to reviewer Julia Moran for coverage. Samantha’s sexuality isn’t a problem for Julia—she believes in live and let live.

She’s not prepared for the onslaught of female adoration directed at Samantha, and anyone in her entourage. Her reporting extended to include a full feature and report of the entire tour, Julia finds herself strangely disturbed and strangely excited in depths her previous relationships hadn’t even begun to reach.

For her part, Samantha is deeply intrigued by the reporter. Their shared loved of music creates a bond she also finds strangely disturbing…and exciting. But Sam has boundaries, and they don’t include straight women.

Set against the raw beauty of Australia and the sultry sunsets of Bali and Savannah, Ann O’Leary’s exploration of love in the spotlight is a one-of-a-kind journey.
Originally published in 1998 by Naiad Press.





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Genre Romance
Length 156
Publication Date January 1, 1998
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932519e
Editor Christine Cassiday
Cover Designer Judy Fellows



Wishing Well

R. Lynne Watson - 1999: What gives this story teeth, and sets it apart from other stories of this ilk, is the way O'Leary looks at the reality of having a love affair with a pop star, even a lesbian pop star. Julia, who has led a straight life, must first deal with coming out, and then at how to mesh the lives of two women who are at the peak of their careers and who live on two different continents. How O'Leary deals with the dynamics of this relationship is what made this a particularly interesting love story. For a great romantic read, look for Julia's Song...

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