by Amy Dawson Robertson

Accountability. Responsibility. When things go wrong, someone has to pay. In this case, that someone is Rennie Vogel.

Hung out to dry for the debacle of the Tajikistan mission, Rennie finds herself on the outside of the system with no hope of return. To make things worse, Hannah Marcus has moved on, seemingly willing to consign their interrupted relationship to the past.

Rennie has never heard of The Foundation, but they have heard of her. A former adversary unexpectedly offers her an honorable opportunity to serve her country in a less-than-legal undertaking. Rennie’s assignment puts her on a collision course with Hannah—and if they don’t find an elusive homegrown terrorist in time Rennie knows who’ll take the blame. If she lives that long.

In a powerhouse follow-up to her lauded debut Miles to Go, Amy Dawson Robertson delves deeper into the trials of a hero coping with the complicated landscape of guilt, responsibility and honor.

“This is one writer to watch!” – Amanda Kyle Williams, author of The Stranger You Seek.





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Genre Romance, Mystery
Length 312
Publication Date December 15, 2011
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932625e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan



GCLS Goldie Awards
Scapegoat — Finalist, Mystery/Thriller.

Amanda Kyle Williams, Author of The Stranger You Seek of the Keye Street Thrillers
Amy Dawson Robertson draws the reader deep into the deceptive and dangerous world of international intrigue with all the assurance and expert pacing of a veteran suspense writer. This is one writer to watch!

2011 Lavender Certificate
Amy Dawson Robertson: 2011 recognition to promising new writer from the Alice B Committee of Arizona.

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