Ninth Life

by Douglas, Lauren Wright

In the acclaimed debut of The Always Anonymous Beast, Lauren Wright Douglas introduced tough, resourceful Caitlin Reece, one of the most unconventional women ever to appear in a mystery novel.

The uncompromising private detective once again prowls her terrain of Victoria, British Columbia, investigating a case as dramatic and immediate as today’s headlines.

Caitlin is hired by a woman code-named Shrew, to pick up a package. Caitlin is sickened to the depths of her being by the contents of the package: a blind and maimed cat, and photographs of animal experimentation.

And now Shrew is dead. As a member of the militant animal rights organization Ninth Life, she had infiltrated Living World, a cosmetics company. The other members of Ninth Life suspect she was betrayed by someone within their own ranks and murdered because of what she learned.

The director of Living World has made vehement public denials that his company is experimenting on animals for product development. Caitlin sees only one answer: to penetrate the security systems protecting Living World—alarms, dogs, guards—and discover the truth for herself.

Winner, Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Mystery!

Originally published by Naiad Press 1990




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Genre Mystery
Length 208
Publication Date January 1, 1990
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932724e
Editor Christine Cassidy
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • Book 2 of the Lammy Award-winning Caitlin Reece Mysteries
  • Caitlin Reece is a fascinating and authentic character who couldn't find justice within the system and works outside it.
  • A favorite quote: "Carry a clipboard and you can go anywhere."
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Lambda Literary Foundation

Ninth Life: Winner, Best Lesbian Mystery.

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