Thin Fire

by Nanci Little

Elen McNally is arrogant, intelligent and gorgeous. She’s also desperate for a ticket out of Aroostook County, Maine. Signing on for a hitch in the Army, she quickly discovers that life for a woman in the military can be brutal. At first believing that relationships with men will ease her path, a violent confrontation leads to the surprising, welcome discovery that other women can be friends…and more.

Transformed by living inside and outside the rigid requirements of Army life, Elen finds that while she cannot speak of her love for women, it is a thin fire running through her heart and her life. Returning home to the peace and beauty of the Maine woods, there is another mystery to discover: that the complement of loving is being loved.

Unforgettable women populate this vivid, provocative and sexy book from the author of The Grass Widow.

Originally published in 1993 by MadWoman Press.





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Genre Romance
Length 216 pages
Publication Date January 1, 1993
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932731e
Editor Diane Benison and Catherine S. Stamps
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles



Just About Write
December 2007: "Don't ask, don't tell." But suppose you didn't know you had anything to tell... Thin Fire is a well-written novel that tells a detailed and full story. The characters are allowed to develop as the tale slowly unfolds, so this isn't one of the books where the characters take one look at each other, instantly know they're in love and everything else is anticlimactic. The plot is intricate as the women realize their feelings, then have to deal with the realistic problems of being in the Army.

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