Phases of the Moon

by Julia Watts

The rhythms of music course through Glenda Mooney’s veins. Born in a coal mine town and with a talent for song, her life is filled with the sweet harmonies of gospel and bluegrass—and love of the preacher’s daughter. Her talent is raw, but there are no limits on her determination to succeed.

Success for a wrong-side-of-the-tracks woman in the man’s world of the 1950s is impossible, but no one can tell Glenda that. When faithless love and heart wrenching tragedy take their toll, and the powerful see her talent as nothing more than a mine they can strip, Glenda only has herself and her voice to survive…and triumph.

Lambda Literary Award-winner Julia Watts takes readers on an inspiring journey filled with passion, humor and undaunted artistic spirit in Phases of the Moon.

Originally published by Naiad Press 1997





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Genre Romance
Length 158
Publication Date January 1, 1997
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932847e
Editor Lila Empson
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


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