No Sisiter's Keeper

by Jeanne G'Fellers

In a society divided by birth, upbringing, education and status, young Chandrey Brava is raised in a conservative sect, but leaves home at sixteen for the Taelach Training Grounds. Naïve and used to harsh discipline, she doesn’t recognize that Cancelynn Creiloff is playing with her heart.

Seeing Cance through a serious injury, Chandrey follows her to the Cleave, a sharply fundamental group being eroded from within by those who welcome the servitude of thralls. Cance’s increasingly vicious treatment of Chandrey raises eyebrows, but no more. Only her family can liberate her, unless she finds allies within the Cleave.

There may be one Taelach who can help her: the mysterious Belsas Exzal.

Bravery, resilience and stoic resistance are the hallmarks of this prequel to the award-winning No Sister of Mine.



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Genre Fantasy
Length 336 pages
Publication Date February 15, 2013
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933073
Editor Nene Adams
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


  • Previous installments in this series have won GCLS Golden Crown Awards!
  • Though written fourth, this book is a prequel to No Sister of Mine.
  • Read the appetizer! Click to open a PDF in a new window.



Praise for the Taelach Sisters Series!
Book 1: No Sister of Mine - Winner, Golden Crown Award, Finalist Lambda Literary Award
Book 2: Sister Lost, Sister Found - Winner, Golden Crown Award
Book 3: Sisters' Flight - Finalist, Golden Crown Award

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