Playing with Fuego

by KG MacGregor

Daphne Maddox passed up a plum corporate job in Boston to follow the love of her life to Miami. Three years later, the girl and her dreams long gone, Daphne is eking out a living as a coordinator for a nonprofit home builder. Heaven help the next woman who dangles empty promises.

Maribel Tirado León’s “anger issues” have earned her community service on Daphne’s jobsite, and their mutual misery draws them together. Daphne can’t help her fascination with the exotic Mari, who moves in the powerful circles of the white-hot Latin side of Miami.

Yachts on Biscayne Bay, glitzy clubs in South Beach…Mari’s access to money seems endless. But just when answers might save her wary heart questions are the last thing on Daphne’s mind.

Lambda Literary Award Winner—KG MacGregor






Genre Romance
Length 224
Publication Date November 15, 2012
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933134e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Kiaro Creative




GCLS Goldie Awards

Playing with FuegoWinner,
Romantic Suspense/Intrigue.


The Lesbian News

Terry Decrescenzo: Buckle your seat belt! This book shows why MacGregor is a Lambda Literary Award winner. The title alone tells you this is going to be one irreverent novel, and MacGregor doesn't disappoint. Daphne Maddox is what I like to call a "naughty kitten."


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