Lexington Connection

by M.E. Logan

Their paths should have never crossed. Diana DeVilbiss, the daughter of a regional crime boss, is in Lexington as a favor to her father. She doesn’t know that the woman she’s hooked up with to pass the time is a cop. Officer Jessica Ann Galbreath is just as ignorant as Diana about their incompatibility, that is, anywhere except in bed.

The passion is like fire—irresistible and burning hot. But Diana should have never gone back for more. Jessie should have asked more questions. But there’s no time for words when desire sears away all caution and reason.

Driven apart by family, by duty and by circumstance, and entrenched in opposing worlds, there seems to be no future for Diana and Jessie, only the lingering flames of the Lexington Connection.





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Genre Romance
Length 274
Publication Date February 15, 2013
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933233e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan



The Lesbian Connection
Julie Klein: Hot sex and companionship... There comes a time in every woman's life, though, when she knows something has to change.

Terry Decrescenzo: Terrific debut novel! Two flawed human beings coming together in the hope that they can have a long-term, loving relationship...

Alice B. Readers
M.E. Logan: Lavender Certificate for Debut Author 2013

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