Nightshade (Bella Books)

by Karen Williams

From the author of the magical Love Spell comes a lighthearted story of music, danger and romance!

When lonely Alex Spherris goes into town she’s welcomed for the spinning melodies of her violin. The survivor of an accident that claimed her parents’ lives, she’s not used to admiration or friendship. The aunt who raised her left her in no doubt of her small value to the world. But on a stormy night like no other she finds herself in the possession of a bell, and try as she might she can’t not ring it.

The mesmerizing tone fills her with awe but the fairy long trapped inside, beautiful, tempting and oh-so angry, fills her with a completely different wonder. Having known only loss, love isn’t in her plans. But then neither is helping the sensuous Orielle complete a quest that will gain the fairy her freedom.

Take an improbable journey from reality into the world of Nightshade…

Previously published by Rising Tide Press 1995.



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Genre Romance, Fantasy
Length 248 pages
Publication Date January 1, 1995
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933288
Editor Alice Frier and Lee Boojamra
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles



Midwest Book Review
Nightshade is a delightful romantic fantasy! William's characters are intelligent. Their dialog witty and real while the personalities draw the reader into the story... If you've ever found yourself personifing your pet with dialog, Nightshade is worth reading for the special dog treats that allow, Boogia Wooga, the witch's Scottie to talk.

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