The Wombat Strategy

by Claire McNab

Running a pub in the tiny Australian outback town of Wollegudgerie doesn’t offer much fun or future to knockabout Aussie dyke Kylie Kendall. So when the father she never knew leaves her 51 percent of his Los Angeles-based detective agency, it’s bright lights, big city for Kylie. Not so happy about her arrival is her partner in the business, the beautiful, enigmatic Ariana Creeling, who wants to buy out Kylie and gives her a decidedly chilly reception in sunny California.

But the two women soon have other matters besides their bickering to attend to. A psychiatrist to the stars whose “slap, slap, get on with it” approach has made him a celebrity, hires them to investigate the suicide of a successful but almost universally reviled film director. Concerned for his reputation, Dr. Deer would much prefer a finding of murder.

As the sparks between Ariana and Kylie fly, the City of Angels has turned out to be much more difficult and dangerous than Kylie had imagined.

First in the Kylie Kendall Mystery Series.

Originally published by Alyson Books 2004.





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Genre Mystery
Length 188 pages
Publication Date January 1, 2004
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933295e
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • The first book in the Kylie Kendall Series
  • By the same author as the Denise Cleever and Inspector Carol Ashton mysteries
  • Claire McNab is a nine-time finalist for a Lambda Literary Award and author of over 50 novels.
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The Lesbian Review
Any story that makes me have a hearty laugh no matter where I am and keeps me anxious to find out ‘who dun it’ is definitely a winner! The author did an amazing job with bringing the characters to life for me and I just love the quirky Australian sayings! I am so delighted that I got to experience Los Angeles through Kylie’s eyes because I got a crystal clear description of the busy and vibrant landscape and the unique characters who interacted with her. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with this hilarious and captivating story! The witty banter between Kylie and Ariana blends so well with the disdainful clients they serve and the baffling cases they have to solve.

Just About Write
August, 2006: The Kylie Kendall books are still mysteries, but they're infused with a sense of humor not found in McNab's other works. You get the feeling that McNab has decided to cut loose a little and just enjoy writing... And leading the pack is the irrepressible Kylie, often puzzled by what is going on around her, but never afraid to plunge in and see what happens. If you have not experienced Kylie Kendall yet, you are missing a gem of an opportunity.

Katherine V. Forrest, the Kate Delafield Mysteries
An Aussie outback dyke taking on Hollywood? As Kylie Kendall would say, Stone the crows! Don't miss this intro to the most unconventional, laugh-out-loud private eye in lesbian crime fiction. Claire McNab's always been one of our best, and she's outdone herself with this one.

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