Waiting for Harper Lee

by Lea Daley

In a town where change is slow to take shape, and in a time when husbands tell their wives how to vote, artist Lynn Westfall decides to make a difference. The other women of Quillan’s Crossing think empowerment is a good idea, and are eager to talk…and talk…and talk about it. None of them want to do more. Except for the vibrant Alix Dunnevan, a woman whose marriage to a local powerhouse politician is held up as the perfect ideal.

Before she knows it, their shared love of music and growing camaraderie means more than it should, and Lynn finds herself a painful cliché the lesbian who has fallen for the straight woman. Even if by some miracle Alix returned her feelings, Lynn is certain Alix’s husband is capable of keeping her and their daughters chained to him.

Lynn searches for the strength to walk away. Even when the mask that Alix wears starts to slip and conflict inside her marriage suggest cracks have existed for years, it doesn’t mean there is hope…






Genre Romance
Length 288
Publication Date May 15, 2013
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933424e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles



GCLS Goldie Awards
Waiting for Harper Lee — Finalist, Lesbian General/Dramatic Fiction.

Reviewer RLynne
What makes this novel so exceptional is Lea Daley's ability to paint with words... She writes beautifully. She also gives readers two women who are interesting and talented. Lynn's friends are also richly talented, making Waiting for Harper Lee a treat for anyone who is interested in art or music.

Terry's Lesfic Reviews
A wealth of colorful and wonderful characters... This is an excellent, well written debut book. Had I not known this was Lea Daley's first book, I would never have guessed. Her writing style is unique. She shows, rather than tells the story.... Lea Daley has woven their story beautifully together and there are a lot of ups and downs and heartfelt scenarios to take the reader on a rollercoaster ride.

Alice B. Readers
Lea Daley: Lavender Certificate for Debut Author 2014

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