First Down

by JJ Greene

When a beautiful woman offers her a secret, Detective Rynn Callahan knows to be wary. But the information sports agent Toni Davis gives her casts a completely new light on a murder that has had Rynn baffled. The dead man had a boyfriend—one of Toni’s NFL clients.

Professional football is driven by all the motives for murder, Rynn soon realizes. Huge contracts drive competitive jealousy between owners and players. Winning is everything. Following up on Toni’s lead, Rynn’s suggestion that at least one player in the League is gay is met with the utmost hostility from every quarter. Toni, however, is anything but hostile, and the two women find they have far more in common than a dead body.

But one dead body becomes two, and the person connecting both victims is Toni. Rynn finds herself drawn into a cat-and-mouse game she must win if she wants to keep Toni—and herself—alive.



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Genre Romance, Thriller
Length 272
Publication Date July 15, 2013
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933622
Editor Nene Adams
Cover Designer Kiaro Creative



GCLS Goldie Awards

First Down — Finalist, Lesbian Romantic Suspense/Intrigue.

Lambda Literary Review

JJ Greene has written a multifaceted story with characters that make us think about motivations and the backstory of characters. The story builds to a crescendo of tension as the murderer is first revealed... In the midst of all the commotion, the author sprinkles in an unfolding love story that is filled with just enough delicate tentativeness and apprehension to keep pages turning... First Down is a skillfully written and entertaining first offering by new author JJ Green with just enough twists and turns to intrigue and an ending to satisfy any romance or thriller enthusiast.

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