Family Issue

by Nat Burns

Vandalism and violence at Fortune Farm have pulled investigator Denni Hope home to Southern Louisiana. Her insistent ex-girlfriend, Patty Price, expects Denni to get to the bottom of an endless nightmare of trouble. For Denni, it means watching Patty with Yolanda Elliott, the creepy, conniving lowlife who stole Patty away.

Denni had hoped Patty was exaggerating, but the chaos at the farm borders on evil. The Price family is well-loved but nothing has been right since the death of Patty’s mother. A war-crazy neighbor and a business competitor are just the beginning of the list of suspects.

But just as Denni feels she’s making progress, Yolanda asks for help from an old friend of her own: police officer Bonita Corcaran. The move is so typical of Yolanda—it’s an already difficult situation, but now Denni must deal with the most attractive, seductive woman she has ever met.





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Genre Thriller, Romance
Length 208 pages
Publication Date February 15, 2014
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933783e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


  • Doing a favor for an ex. Sure, that'll work out...


Lambda Literary Review
Fun novel full of romantic intrigue... Denni is a trained insurance investigator, and is quite willing to use her skills to help Patty. She is not sure, however, how she'll feel about seeing Patty with Yolanda Elliott, the woman Patty left her for. Told in the first person by Denni, Family Issue is full of Denni's reflections on the changes to Brethren, Louisiana, as well as the lack of changes.

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Golden Crown Literary AwardsWinner.

Alice B. Reader Committee — Lavender Certificate for Debut Author

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