The Farmer's Daughter

by Robbi McCoy

The open road is the only place that seems safe to Shirley “Mutt” Hopper. Escaping her Mississippi home, she joins the other wanderers, riding freight trains and working in fields and orchards across the United States. When she begs a night’s sleep in a Nebraska barn, she can’t imagine how completely the lovely farmer’s daughter, Annie Callahan, is about to change her life.

Many years and hard knocks later, Mutt finds that at least Annie was able to pursue her dreams. Now a glamorous, wealthy and pampered movie star married to one of Hollywood’s leading men, Annie seems totally out of reach.

How could Mutt possibly take away Annie’s perfect life, even in the name of love?

It’s bum times and good times and the power of love in a sweeping romance from the award-winning author of Not Every River and Spring Tide!



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Genre Romance
Length 288
Publication Date January 15, 2014
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933813
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan



Lambda Literary Awards
Farmer's Daughter, Winner, Lesbian Romance.

GCLS Goldie Awards
The Farmer's Daughter — Finalist, Lesbian Historical Fiction.

Curve Magazine
Historical Fiction at its Best! McCoy's writing style is rich and evocative. A great joy to read. With a few sentences the Southern summer, the spring or whatever she sets her pen to come alive and engage all senses. The characters are multi-dimensional and engaging... Where there was despair hope prevails.

Terry's Lesfic Reviews
...This goes beyond any run of the mill romance story, although there is a deep and emotional, forever kind of love running through the book... This is on my re-read list to read at a more leisurely pace, so I can savor the story without the pressure of not knowing the ending.

More Praise for Robbi McCoy
Winner - Two Golden Crown Literary Society Goldies

I buy every single book written by Robbi McCoy without even looking at the storyline. I know I’m going to get an excellent, well written, refreshingly different read with each new book. I am never disappointed. - Lesbian Reading Room

Robbi McCoy excels at developing her characters... One of the finest of the lesbian romance authors by building a body of work that stands above the crowd. - Just About Write

McCoy writes with loving humor - Reviewer R Lynne

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