Acquainted with the Night

by Erica Abbott

Alex Ryan is happier than she believed possible and her relationship with fellow police officer CJ St. Clair is the reason. But in the blink of an eye her world falls into darkness. An accident leaves her injured and sidelined—and suspicious about the circumstances. Then tragedy strikes at the heart of her family. It seems like random violence until the worst blow falls, leaving Alex devastated.

Alex has no proof that there is more than terrible coincidence at work, but she can’t accept that her life is fated to be filled with shadows and pain. She must unravel the mystery and motive behind the tragic changes in her life—and fight to regain her love.

Brainy is the new sexy in Erica Abbott’s celebrated, reader favorite series.





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Genre Thriller
Length 224 pages
Publication Date March 25, 2014
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594934049e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Judith Fellows



Praise for Erica Abbott
The Alex Ryan and CJ St. Clair Romantic Thrillers — Finalists, GCLS Goldie Awards, Debut Author and Mystery/Thriller.

Erica Abbott: Alice B. Reader's Lavender Certificate for Debut Author

Erica Abbott: Brainy is the new sexy!

Customer Reviews

1 review for Acquainted with the Night – eBook

  1. SZabojnik

    What a story! C.J. St. Clair leaves her monogamous partner, her wife Alex Ryan, because she loves her! What a beautifully woven love story. Not just a story with sex scenes, but scenes of true love, commitment and fidelity. Sex is great – but Love trumps all. Alex is broken and distraught without her, and Alex must find her and bring her home! And Home is where the Love is.

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