The Treasure Seeker

by Frankie J. Jones

Life and love have been strained between Rylene Shelton and her partner Kate Elliott. The economy has tanked Ry’s antique store and the pressures of money and being an ER nurse have taken much of the joie out of Kate’s vivre.

Hoping to make a few dollars and pay a bill or two, Ry lugs home purchases from an estate sale, realizing too late that she’s picked up a box the seller wanted to keep. That saying about cats and curiosity? When Ry finds a pistol in the box that saying may well come true.

If they want to survive, two women must discover that the real treasures in life aren’t measured in dollar signs in this long awaited novel from treasured storyteller Frankie J. Jones.



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Genre Suspense
Length 224 pages
Publication Date May 15, 2014
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594934063
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles



The Lesbian Reading Room
Thoroughly enjoyable reading, a great story and likeable and believable characters—what's not to love..? The book is well written and, of course well edited—by the mistress of editing Katherine V Forrest no less. It flows off the page and into your imagination like a good book should, no thought process required. The ‘place' is very well done throughout... all are evocative and add considerably to the emotion and mood of the scenes.

More Praise for Frankie J. Jones & alter-ego Megan Carter
Frankie J. Jones: Natural, unforced dialogue-Just About Write; Edgy storytelling and sympathetic characters - Lambda Book Report.

Megan Carter: Winner, Golden Crown Literary Award for Historical Romance

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