Lady Dragon

by D Jordan Redhawk

Whiskey Davis, High Queen of the Sanguire, funnels her former street wiles into diplomatic channels and alliances with governments as she consolidates her growing power with the help of Margaurethe O’Toole and Valmont. Her maturing leadership is the only hope for peace among the Sanguire.

But European partisans seek retribution for an ancient injustice perpetrated by Whiskey’s previous incarnation. One will stop at nothing to see her downfall. Another views her as a stepping stone to his own glorious future.

Sanguire pursue their long lives imbibing both blood and power. Misadventure and tragedy befall Whiskey, causing the aching loss of yet another of her beloved people. She falls headlong into a plot of betrayal and death. Does she have a breaking point? All who have wondered will soon have their answer.

The mesmerizing saga of the Sanguire from D Jordan Redhawk follows the bloody balance of an ancient conflict between undying races.

Sanguire Series Book 4.





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Genre Speculative
Length 292 pages
Publication Date March 15, 2015
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594934384e
Editor Ruth Stanley
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan



GCLS Goldie Awards
Lady DragonWinner, Lesbian Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Praise for D Jordan Redhawk
Orphan Maker — Winner, GCLS Goldie Awards

"Well-crafted, unique!" - Lesbian Reading Room

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