Daughters of an Amber Noon

by Katherine V. Forrest

Left behind by their sisters, they’ve become the hunted. In this gripping sequel to Daughters of a Coral Dawn, Katherine V. Forrest tells the story of an Earth beyond nightmare, ruled by dictator Theo Zedera—known simply as Zed—whose weaponry is invincible. With ruthless determination he seeks the vanished women remaining on Earth. Among these women is the leader of the Unity, the extraordinary Africa Contrera, Zed’s childhood friend as well as his colleague and intellectual equal.

As Africa struggles to build a world safe for women, she is haunted by her past—a time when she trusted Zed and shared with him the deadly knowledge he now uses to hunt her. What future can there be for the women who call themselves the Unity? How can they possibly conceal themselves from a world of savagery and a man who intends to find them at any cost?

A brilliant, breathtaking, romantic saga of a divided society and the rebels courageous enough to withstand a brutal new world.

Originally Published by Alyson Books 2002.





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Genre Fantasy
Length 198 pages
Publication Date January 1, 2002
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594934551e
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles



Just About Write
April, 2006: Katherine V. Forrest's best-selling Daughters of a Coral Dawn was published in 1984 and became an instant classic. In Daughters of a Coral Dawn, 4,000 women, descendants of a single mother whose origins are the planet Verna, leave Earth to start their own civilization on a planet they call Maternas. But many of their sisters chose to remain on Earth. What happened to those women? Now, nearly two decades later, the saga continues. Daughters of an Amber Noon picks up where Daughters of a Coral Dawn left off...

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