Such Happiness as This

by Laina Villeneuve

Robyn Landry thought her happily-ever-after would start after she retired from the U.S. Coast Guard. Instead, she discovers that her job demands were not the only reason her eight-year relationship was tanking. Struggling to find equilibrium in her life, she leases a horse at a local barn. There she befriends Kristine Owens and her son Caemon. The new setting relieves the sadness she feels at home.

A relative newcomer to rural Arcata, Grace Warren heads grant coordination for the local college’s art department. As new friends encourage her to explore the local arts scene and wilderness, Grace finds herself repeatedly crossing paths with the intensely attractive Robyn. When she discovers Robyn’s woodworking artistry, they seem perfect for each other and Grace easily envisions a future together.

But the decidedly reserved Robyn chafes under Grace’s advice and scrutiny. Why are women always trying to change her? There’s no reason to upend her life yet again—except for a kiss neither of them can forget.





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Genre Romance
Length 272 pages
Publication Date October 15, 2015
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594934643e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • Coast Guard retiree Robyn and art director Grace might be perfect for each other, if they could just accept their differences instead of trying to change.
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The L-Word
The novel describes Robyn's journey from grief and disappointment, through the joy of new friendships and the uncertainty of potential love. Characters are skillfully drawn, and interweave in a plot with enough realistic problems, local references, and surprising twists to satisfy.

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GCLS Goldie Awards
Take Only Pictures
— Finalist, Lesbian Debut Fiction.

Customer Reviews

1 review for Such Happiness as This – eBook

  1. hcoughlin

    This book is set in a beautiful place and Laina has done it again with wonderful characters you want to hang out with. If you are familiar with Arcata and northern CA, its so fun to have all the references to a place you may know (or want to know). The women are going through things that many of us can relate to and you can’t help but fall in love with them and root for their happy ending.

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