Twisted Minds

by Jody Valley

A woman is found dead in the wetlands outside of Lakeside City, Michigan. When the town learns the nature of the markings on the dead body, panic rages through the community. And when citizens discover that the dead woman was a lesbian, and that her lover happens to be a local high school teacher and girl’s coach, bedlam breaks out in this ultra conservative community on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Private investigator Kera Van Brocklin has her hands full. She’s trying to prove that her client, the high school teacher, didn’t kill her lover—not an easy task in a town of bigotry and right-wing fanaticism. If that weren’t enough, Kera’s personal life isn’t going so well either. She fears that her girlfriend, Mandy, is leaving her for another woman.

Trying to prove her client’s innocence by finding the killer, Kera is drawn into the web of a demented murderer who is ready and willing to kill again.

Twisted Minds is the highly anticipated sequel to the Golden Crown Award finalist A Venomous Cocktail.

A Kera Van Brocklin Series Book 2.





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Genre Mystery
Length 250 pages
Publication Date February 15, 2016
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594934810e
Editor Shelly Rafferty
Cover Designer Kiaro Creative


  • A private investigator races to track down a murderer and prove her friend's innocence.
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GCLS Goldie Awards
A Venomous Cocktail — Finalist, Lesbian Mystery, Lesbian Debut Author.

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