Backstage Pass

by Riley Scott

Everyone’s favorite rock ‘n’ roll bad girl has gone too far this time. Raven—loved by her millions of fans—suffers many sleepless nights and haunted memories, and years of hard living are beginning to take their toll. When scandal finally breaks, Raven is forced to hire a public relations guru to refine her image.

Christina Villanova is looking for a new challenge at work, and with Raven she’s certainly found one. She decides to take on what many others have failed: cleaning up Raven’s brand. Christina is undeniably drawn to Raven once she sees that Raven’s bravado masks her underlying passion. For her part, Raven seems hell-bent on maintaining her rough-around-the-edges facade, severely testing Christina’s cool professionalism.

As Raven’s behavior escalates dangerously, Christina realizes she’s not just fighting for Raven’s popularity, she’s fighting for Raven’s heart—and her future.





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Genre Romance
Length 232 pages
Publication Date July 15, 2016
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594934902e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • A PR guru joins a hard-living rock star on tour in an attempt to save the rocker's career from her self-destructive ways.


The Lesbian Review
Backstage Passis a celebrity romance with an out-of-control rock goddess and her new PR rep. It's a little grittier than I'm used to seeing in celebrity romances, and it works well. Reading a new-to-me author is always an adventure because I never know if I'm going to like them, love them, or walk away and never look back. I had never read anything by Riley Scott before, and I was more than pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. It's very well plotted and perfectly paced, and I found myself wanting to shut out the world so I could just focus on Backstage Pass.

Lesbian Reading Room
This is a great read. Strong personalities, a solid and well-drawn setting and a plausible and well-constructed plot. Riley Scott fills in detail on a wide range of characters as well as Raven and Chris, creating a good grounding for the plausibility of their interactions. Their behaviours are believable, and even when Chris breaks her own rules we can see how she has been swept up in the rush of life on the road.

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