Trial by Fury

by KG MacGregor

When a coed is viciously assaulted on the campus of Harwood University, performance studies professor Celia Perone learns a brutal truth—star athletes can get away with whatever they want. Threatened with her job if she goes public, Celia pays a secret visit to celebrated women’s rights attorney Theodora Constantine.

Theo’s riding high after winning a very public sexual harassment claim against a cable news network. Next up for her firm is a class action suit that will strain her small staff. She can’t afford to get sidetracked by another case, but Celia won’t take no for an answer.

The case is compelling and so is Celia—so much that Theo finds herself falling hard. But before they can win love, they have to win justice.





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Genre Romance
Length 258 pages
Publication Date May 15, 2016
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594934926e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


GCLS Goldie Awards
Trial by FuryWinner, Dramatic/General Fiction.

GCLS Goldie Awards
Trial by Fury — Finalist, Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award.

  • Caught in the excitement of a high-profile case, attorney Theo falls for her client.
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Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Trial by Fury – eBook

  1. Sandra from Lansing

    Trial By Fury is another outstanding book by KG MacGregor. Like Anyone But You before it, KG takes a real life issue and weaves a romance throughout the story. You will pick up this book and not want to put it down. I became so involved in the story that I expected to see updates on the news. This novel is a winner.

  2. Kathleen (verified owner)

    Utterly amazing! Trial by Fury takes the reader deep into the logistics of seeking justice in an arena where money, power, and gender rule. I was alternately thrilled and furious. Fantastic read! Celia and Theo are genuine, and their budding attraction and romance are knitted seamlessly into the drama of finding justice for a young woman…for women everywhere. This book gave a voice to the victims and women alike. READ THIS!!

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