Blood Money Murder

by Jessie Chandler

Secrets. It all begins with secrets. A long-held secret is about to implode with potentially catastrophic results.

It’s St. Paddy’s Day, and Shay O’Hanlon is finishing her shift at the Rabbit Hole, anticipating the grand reopening of her father’s bar, the Leprechaun. Two suspicious-looking strangers show up at the Hole demanding to speak to Eddy Quartermaine, the closest person Shay has to a mother. That visit sparks a firestorm spanning twenty-five years in a deadly mix of love gone wrong, stolen money, murder, and betrayal.

Will Shay and her sister Lisa pay the ultimate price for Eddy’s sins, or will Eddy confront her twenty-five year secret head-on before time runs out?

Blood Money Murder is fast-paced and skilled—and the ending comes all too soon.”

-Lee Lynch, award-winning author of An American Queer

Book 5 in the Shay O’Hanlon Caper series.





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Genre Mystery
Length 208 pages
Publication Date June 15, 2016
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935039e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


GCLS Goldie Awards
Blood Money Murder — Finalist, Mystery/Thriller.

Lambda Literary Awards
Blood Money Murder — Finalist, Mystery.

  • This is book 5 of the Shay O'Hanlon Caper series. Earlier titles are Bingo Barge Murder, Hide and Snake Murder, Pickle in the Middle Murder and Chip Off the Ice Block Murder.
  • A Bella Debut Novel.
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    Lambda Literary Foundation
    Blood Money Murder — Finalist, Lesbian Mystery.

  • Reviews

    What a terrific read! Shay O'Hanlon is the kind of person I'd love to hang out with—she's got a big heart and a smart mouth—and her adventures are funny and nail biting (often at the same time). The secrets, insecurities, and deep friendships in Shay's world all come center stage in Blood Money Murder—and we get to see Shay go farther than we ever thought possible for the people she loves. Well done Jessie Chandler!
      —Clare O'Donohue, author of The Someday Quilts and Kate Conway Mysteries

    Crammed with action and excitement, Blood Money Murder kept me turning pages at breakneck speed. Shay O'Hanlon is one tough broad, and Chandler's latest takes us with her on a nonstop ride all the way to the delightful conclusion. Highly recommended.
      —Alice Loweecey, author of the Giulia Driscoll Mystery Series

    Jessie Chandler really knows how to take the reader for a wild ride. Blood Money Murder delivers suspense, snappy dialogue,fun, and the host of lovable characters who have become family in Chandler's Shay O'Hanlon Caper Series. Not that the author skips the serious issues that beset her mix of urban Midwest gay and non-gay characters. Chandler takes on alcoholism, domestic violence, morality and relationships, always with a touch of her offhand yet right-on-target humor. From the scary scenes to the laugh out loud moments, Blood Money Murder is fast-paced and skilled—and the ending comes all too soon.
      —Lee Lynch, award-winning author of An American Queer

    An emotionally-charged roller coaster of a romp jam-packed with hot pursuits, bumbling bad guys, and leprechauns. A sizzler of an adventure!
      —Maddy Hunter, author of the Passport to Peril Mystery Series

    Secrets, love, crime, and family all vie for center stage as Jessie Chandler masterfully conducts her quirky ensemble cast through the latest installment in the Shay O'Hanlon caper series, Blood Money Murder. Fans of Chandler's work will enjoy seeing Shay and her loyal band of cohorts join forces to help one of their own, while newcomers to the series are treated to a rollicking introduction to Shay's world that's sure to have them reaching for all the titles in the series.
      —Carsen Taite, award-winning author of the Luca Bennett Bounty Hunter Series

    The BOLO Books Review
    Blood Money Murder is the perfect afternoon escape from the realities of the world. Fortunately, the end of the novel opens up some new possibilities for Jessie Chandler to explore in future escapades.

    Dru's Book Musings
    I always enjoy myself when I'm reading about the capers involving Shay and her friends. In their latest adventure, secrets are exposed and it's the journey that keeps this story light and fresh and entertaining. This fast-paced and well-written drama grabbed my attention immediately from the first page, quickly becoming a page-turner. Such a hard book to put down with all the goings on between the various characters putting me smack dab in the middle of all the action and boy was a fun ride it was. Jessie does a great job of telling a story that comes alive on the written page. Such depth kept me engaged amidst all the intricacies that played out that I was sad to see this story end, especially after that ending which definitely put a smile on my face. This series continues to get better and better which each episode told and I'm so happy that Jessie has a new publishing home and I look forward to more adventures with Shay, JT and the gang.

    Rainbow Book Reviews
    It's another rollicking tale that I couldn't put down, and Chandler delivers an absolutely perfect ending that had me cheering out loud. I don't believe this is the last we'll hear from Shay O'Hanlon, and I certainly hope not"“what a great series.

    Customer Reviews

    1 review for Blood Money Murder – eBook

    1. Ameliah

      Jessie Chandler is back again with another of her wonderful Shay O’Hanlon murder mysteries. I felt like this one was more intense, more dramatic, more personal and there was more at risk for the characters. This book focused not just on the crime but also the relationships between Shay and Eddy, and Shay and JT. All the others in this wacky cast are back but these three women have the starring roles. Ms. Chandler lets us see much more of who Eddy and Shay are and what they have been through together. JT also played a much bigger role in this saga. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see more of her and her relationship with Shay. The ending was a complete surprise and totally perfect, you will love it! Thanks so much for this memorable story, Ms. Chandler, I can not wait for another!

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