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Tempered Steele: Hard Edges

by M.E. Logan

After a nearly apocalyptic earthquake engendered a societal breakdown, visionary Deborah Steele returned to her isolated family farm and turned it into a safe haven for women to escape from the increasingly misogynistic and dystopian world around them. Her fair and open system of contracting labor for food, shelter and security has bound them together and ensured their survival. So far…

Outside the farm, however, others are using a contract system as a form of human trafficking. And Deborah’s attempts to protect her estranged love, Joanna Davis, will soon bring the women’s community unwanted visibility, putting them all in danger and forcing Deborah to choose between the sanctuary she has built and the woman she still loves.

Tempered Steele: Hard Edges is the electrifying follow-up to Tempered Steele: Stoking the Fire. Bella’s M. E. Logan is also the author of the romantic thriller Revenge and the romance Lexington Connection, which was awarded the Alice B. Readers Lavender Certificate for Debut Fiction.



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Genre Romance, Thriller
Length 302 pages
Publication Date October 15, 2016
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935169
Editor Amanda Jean
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


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