At All Costs

by Micheala Lynn

Dr. Alexandra Hartway is burned-out and disillusioned with her job. Seeing the same patients use the ER day after day in an effort to seek drugs has left her bitter, skeptical and unsympathetic.

Jess Bolderson refuses to be held back. Although she has been confined to a wheelchair for the past ten years, she is as capable as anyone and doesn’t like to be told otherwise. So when she hears this ignorant doctor bashing people with disabilities as lazy at a professional meeting, she rips into Alex, leaving everyone around the table stunned and speechless.

After a rough beginning, Jess and Alex quickly develop a deep respect for each other. Soon they become close friends, and then more—more than either could have ever imagined. But then a freak accident leaves Jess once again fighting for her life while Alex faces the ultimate challenge. Can she save the life of the woman she’s fallen in love with?





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Genre Romance
Length 200 pages
Publication Date December 15, 2016
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935220e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • When a jaded ER doctor offends a woman who's used to being underestimated and ignored, sparks fly—and both women might be consumed by the flames of love.


Rainbow Book Reviews
Two women, each striving to show the world they can survive on their own, clash at a meeting and sparks fly. It's a classic enemies-to-lovers story but with one additional twist: one of them is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. I like the author's writing style very much—good overall pacing, a well-balanced mix of gentle angst and humor, and a sweet romance tying it all together. Nicely done.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for At All Costs – eBook

  1. Mary A

    This was a great book. I picked it up and wasn’t able to put it down. I finished reading this book in about 6 hours. It’s a great story and the character dynamic between Alex and Jess plays out well throughout the entire storyline. I would read this one again.

  2. Susan H

    Being in a wheelchair I understand how Jess felt about independence and falling in love. I loved all the characters in the book. I don’t think there was one I didn’t like. And the storyline is definitely a true love story. Thank you Micheala Lynn for a awesome adventure. I definitely recommend this book.

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