The Beach Affair

by Barbara Johnson

When former professional bodybuilder Candy Emerson is found dead in her Rehoboth Beach gym, the police rule it a tragic accident. But is it? Reluctant to pay a huge double indemnity claim to the beneficiaries, Candy’s insurance company sends novice investigator Colleen Fitzgerald to look into the case. What Colleen finds is:

  • Candy’s unstable ex, who now lives with an explosively jealous lover…
  • Candy’s business partner, whose personal problems have driven him deep into debt…
  • Candy’s most-hated rival on the bodybuilding circuit, whose career Candy is rumored to have sabotaged…
  • A violence-prone drug dealer and suspected gaybasher whom Candy wanted arrested…
  • Handsome lesbian aerobics instructor Gillian Smith, whose relationship with Candy was more than just a business arrangement…
  • After the aerobics instructor gives Colleen a full-body workout that leaves her breathless, the investigator has a hard time keeping her mind on the case and her hands off Gillian. Blinded by her white-hot passion, could Colleen be overlooking a motive for murder?

    First Published by Naiad Press 1995.

  • Paperback


    In stock



    Genre Mystery
    Length 176 pages
    Publication Date July 15, 1995
    Publisher Bella Books
    ISBN 9781594935251
    Editor Christine Cassidy
    Cover Designer Sandy Knowles

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