New Additions

by Becky Harmon

Retired police chief Cassie Thomas isn’t looking for romance. She had it once and fate took it away. Now her quiet life is filled with her vacation resort and a few animals. Her biggest risk is taking in two foster kids each summer. She doesn’t expect this summer to be any different.

Kathleen Masters cares deeply for the kids she helps at Fosters Inc., a privately owned Florida orphanage. Her biggest challenge this summer is to find a safe accepting environment to place four unconventional and maybe a little radical teenage girls. She has her sights set on Cassie and Lake View Resort.

Unfortunately for Kathleen, convincing Cassie to go along with her plan might be the easiest part of the summer.





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Genre Romance
Length 264 pages
Publication Date January 15, 2017
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935275e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles

Customer Reviews

1 review for New Additions – eBook

  1. Louisa

    I want to go to Lake View!! I really enjoyed this book, Becky Harmon paints a beautiful landscape and creates lovely characters who I could easily imagine spending a week on holiday with. I particularly liked the inclusion of children in the story – as a lesbian mum it is nice to have children pop up in lesbian romances! My favourite authors are Gerri Hill and Tracey Richardson and this is my first Becky Harmon book – I bought it because of the sale and I liked the excerpt. I’m really pleased I did and I’m looking forward to reading Listen to your heart next.

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