In the Company of Crocodiles

by Maggie Brown

Two strong-willed women are fighting for survival in a primitive wilderness of venomous snakes, stinging insects, and crocodile-infested swamps. Too bad those are the least of their worries.

After being severely wounded in a covert operation, ex-Australian Secret Service officer Vivian Andrews has built a quiet life for herself in a small fishing village in Northern Queensland. Or so she believes, until she discovers a rotting corpse in the mangroves. An angry crocodile drags the body away, but not before Vivian snags the man’s money belt which contains nearly $75,000—and a phone number that Vivian knows all too well.

At the police station to report her discovery, Vivian finds two government agents who are looking for her. A young man has gone missing and they need an experienced guide to help them negotiate the terrain to find him. Vivian knows they aren’t telling her the whole story but is attracted to the idea of returning to action—and to behavioral scientist Claire Walker.

When Claire’s partner is injured, tough, resilient Vivian and smart, intuitive Claire must use every skill they possess to complete their mission despite nearly impenetrable walls of vegetation, trails that lead to deadly traps, the damp simmering heat—and another kind of heat neither of them wishes to acknowledge. Could the woman sleeping next to you be a master thief…or worse?



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Genre Romance, Thriller
Length 248 pages
Publication Date March 15, 2017
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935336
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


The Lesbian Review
This book was great from start to finish. Hard to put down, there was always something happening or about to happen, and I genuinely wanted to reach the end and never let it end in equal measure. Often in thrillers you can get a sense of what will happen, or who is behind everything, but Maggie Brown did a superb job of keeping everything so twisted and suspenseful that the revelation at the end was exactly what you want in a good thriller—surprising yet believable.

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