Speak in Winter Code

by S. M. Harding

With their first wedding anniversary just passed, retired Marine Corps Colonel Win Kirkland and Sheriff Sarah Pitt are more in love than ever and making plans to adopt two orphaned girls from Afghanistan. With their most challenging case behind them, the only threat on the horizon seems to be the approaching blizzard. But a much more dangerous storm is about to hit with a force that will exact a terrible toll on Win and Sarah’s loved ones, their love and their lives.

A shadowy network has chosen McCrumb County, Indiana, as a testing ground for one of the deadliest threats facing the United States. Their ruthless psychological and physical attacks quickly escalate to murder, but who are these people? And what is their end game? Even Win’s former intelligence colleagues seem stumped.

As Win and Sarah risk everything to identify and stop the perpetrators, they are quickly learning that what doesn’t kill you…is waiting to try again.

Speak in Winter Code is the eagerly awaited sequel to S. M. Harding’s best-selling Kirkland/Pitt romantic thrillers I Will Meet You There and A Woman of Strong Purpose.





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Genre Thriller
Length 290 pages
Publication Date April 15, 2017
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935350e
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


Lex Kent's Reviews - Lot's of excitement, and some good relationship drama. If Harding comes out with book four, I will absolutely read it. I would recommend this to people who like mystery/crime books with some action, but still want some romance.

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