Stay with Me

by Sheryl Wright

Four women are about to embark on an emotional voyage that will be the ultimate test of love and loyalty. Will it end in smooth sailing—or leave four hearts hopelessly adrift?

Despite dealing with family dynamics that can be one tent short of a circus, the future looks bright for Tyler Marsh and Georgie DiNamico. Deeply in love, the two are also deeply committed to the success of the DiNamico-Phipps Company of DynaTech, a leading marine engineering firm headquartered in Buffalo, NY.

Georgie’s steady recovery from the head injury she suffered in Afghanistan—and the company’s survival of a hostile takeover attempt—means the couple can finally concentrate on planning their wedding. Or so they thought, until an unseen event propels their relationship into turbulent waters.

Lori Phipps, the president of the company’s DynaCraft Yachts division is a master boat builder—and a master player when it comes to loving women. Until she crosses paths with someone unlike anyone she’s ever met before. Unfortunately, Lori’s past is about to catch up with her in the very slinky form of a not-so-casual hook-up.

Stay With Me is the stunning follow-up to Sheryl Wright’s popular romance, Don’t Let Go.





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Genre Romance
Length 310 pages
Publication Date March 15, 2017
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935497e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Judith Fellows

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Stay with Me – eBook

  1. Dellab (verified owner)

    Wow Wow Wow. I am so impressed with the author Sheryl Wright. And Sheryl being a Canadian warms my little Canuck heart as well. Stay With Me is the sequel to Don’t Let Go. This is one of those times you will need to read this series in order to become familiar with the large cast of characters I and their history.
    The story follows the lives and careers of the DiNamico and Phipps families as they run a family owned business. The heart of the story is really how we perceive ourselves and more importantly how we perceive and interact with someone with a cognitive disability.
    Georgia DiNamico is a veteran who returns from war a broken hero. She is a changed woman with challenges which need to be dealt with on a daily basis.
    Sheryl Wright captures living with a disability as if she is walking in Georgia’s shoes.
    We need more of this insight. We need more of Georgia. Please please please let there be a third book in the making.

  2. mamacyp

    I’ve read both books in this series…. Twice!!!All the women are so strong and talented.,and the handling of Georgie’ disability is wonderful.
    Characters are fleshed out really well. Love this series. Please let there be more books!!!

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